Raising The Next Generation

Self-Preservation is a skill and something that has to be taught. If you have never been given these skills you become a magnet to people using you and living in a bubble of guilt because you just do not have the skill set to stand your ground. Or when you do it comes out in a very angry or aggressive way. Or you become a mute and bottle up all your emotions. You can also be prone to being bullied and as a result you can become easy pray. Unfortunately you then become someone who tends to deal with low self esteem and become fearful to set boundaries and become accustom to living behind a mask. If this sounds like a true reflection of you, maybe this mentoring program is for you
BA Hons: Early Years Teaching Foundation Degree: Early Years National Young Persons Mentor Qualification Level 4 Management of Quality Standards Level 3 NVQ in Early Years Care & Education Level 3 Management of Early Years Setting. Cache level 2 in Play work BTEC Sports Science

Natasha Kerr CEO

MHFA England youth mental health first aid
Be One Hope was set up in 2020 during the first lock down. As Natasha could see the overwhelming need for people to regain hope again. It had become apparent people who had become stuck in life could do with some support and could get motivational support to getting their lives back on track. Natasha has experienced HOPE first hand on many occasions thanks to God, she has many testimonies as a result.. Natasha lost her Father to Covid on May 31st 2020 and thought what a lasting tribute and way to honour him and her family by doing something that could giveback to others in a positive way. So People of Power the you tube series started also in 2020, Followed by the holiday programmes for families in the local community in 2021. Through a range of various programs that address education, anxiety, emotional coaching, health and fitness that supports general well-being. Natasha was fortunate enough to get funded by Brents HAF Holiday and Food Programme. It is Natasha’s aim to serve in areas that are less likely to reach out for this kind of support to make a lasting impact for generations. Natasha will like to give a special Thanks for her continued support from silent business partner ADR Consultancy and Author/Director Nicole Reid.