A guide to effective mentoring

Speed mentoring, one to one mentoring, group mentoring, peer mentoring, motivational guest speaking, distance and e-Mentoring via zoom.

Natasha has over 32 years experience with Early Years and Families, 10 years experience working with secondary children, and 5 years working with young adults and senior citizens.

Natasha has in-depth knowledge on mentoring around anxiety, school refusal, anger management , working with single parents, self- regulation, budgeting, organisation skills, self-esteem workshops, healing through trauma, behavioural and emotional coaching.
Be One Hope mentoring will leave you becoming the person of power you’re meant to be.

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Sometimes it’s just about having that talk, one to one to get moving in the right direction again.
You have everything you need inside you, now you just need to dream again and achieve it.

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Who are you letting drive your future ? Are you constantly losing the very essence of who your are ? Once you find who you are, you’re on a straight and successful journey to self- discovery. Let Be One Hope help you get there again.

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Grow in confidence whilst working in groups. Be One Hope provides, family work and peer group mentoring. Watch your group dynamics be transformed from strength to strength.



There was a time in my life where I literally felt like I was on a roundabout and just couldn’t seem to take the right exit.
Even when learning how to drive I always stalled the engine at the thought of the dreaded words, “At the roundabout ahead, you will take the …”.

I laugh now because metaphorically I can sometimes approach the roundabout too fast and could also cause an accident.
Don’t get me wrong even with being on the straight road, huge distractions can step in your lane. The key is staying focused, so you can hit that run way and fly high, to new hight’s no longer on the ground, but with the right mind set you can take off like a plane and soar like an eagle.

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On Self-Preservation You-Tube.
“Tash! I just watched this and I am actually typing this with tears in my eyes. I am so proud of you. Once again God has used another person to speak into my situation and the re-occuring themes that have kept coming up for me during this season.
Do you realise how much content you covered in those 16 minutes ?!!! If this is what you could do in 16 minutes can’t wait to read the book ! Can’t wait for the next one” 


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WOW!!! Powerful, loved watching this, you were really good. Loved the realness just what I needed to hear. They are coming for me but will ask God to deal with it for me, I’m thinking differently now. Thanks hunxx
“Primary School Teacher”

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“Hi Honey, just a quick word to remind you what a blessing you are to me and to let you know that no one inspires me like you do!You make me dream and believe so so much ! Love you lots and lots! And I thank the Lord for your light”.


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To Miss, The last two years of high school were the worst years of my life, I was in a very dark place, and there are no words to explain how grateful I am to have had you in my corner. No matter how many curveballs I threw your way, you always done your absolute best to help me. You listened to me when I wanted to talk and you sat with me when I wanted to stay silent. You are the best pastoral support worker ever. Thank you for everything.


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To Miss Kerr
This is just a note to say thank you… For helping me find my feet at this wonderful new school. I appreciate how quickly you made me feel at ease and assured me that there will be a support system in place for me and allowing me to focus soley on my studies. I look forward to continue to working with you this year.

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Miss, Thank you for helping me out when I need it and you are respectful to everyone and value there opinion you’re the nicest and only teacher I like.


Mentoring rates

  • Initial: Half hour free consultation, then a professional bespoke session and goals built to own needs is designed.
  • £30 per hour one to one, depending if its online or in person within a five mile radius. Out of a five mile radius will be £40.
  • £60 per hour group sessions minimum six to twelve people.
  • £200 per hour Motivational Speaking “Bespoke Topics”
  • £300 Two hour Motivational Speaking for corporate companies. 
  • If you are on a low income you are entitled to a special rate discount. Providing proof of eligibility.
  • Investing in yourself invests in your future.

Syllabus on Self-Preservation Course available after course has been paid for in full and booked.
“I watched the youtube video you sent and it’s so true! Self- preservation is just as important. For the longest I was selfless but it morphed into people pleasing and not knowing how to set my boundaries”


£250 one to one Online eleven week course/ Eleven hours of

mentoring. Level 1,2 & 3 syllabus on dealing with healing and trauma.

Self-Preservation is a skill and something that has to be taught. If you have never been given these skills you become a magnet to people using you and living in a bubble of guilt because you just do not have the skill set to stand your ground.

Or when you do it comes out in a very angry or aggressive way.

You can also be prone to being bullied and as a result you can become easy pray.

Unfortunately  you then become someone who tends to deal with low self esteem and become fearful to set boundaries and become accustom to living behind a mask.

If this sounds like a true reflection of you, maybe this mentoring program is for you,

so you can learn to be U-N-S-T-O-P-P-A-B-L-E.

For further information on the self-preservation course:
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